What are Commercial Litigation Disputes and how can they be resolved efficiently in UAE?

Commercial Litigation disputes arise mainly between commercial parties for example when companies do not carry out agreed services or do not pay due amounts or execute their obligations under a contract. In cases of individuals, the nature of the dispute differs as individuals can resort to competent authorities such as the Consumer Protection Department and the Department of Economic Development before initiating the court proceedings to urge the other party to settle the dispute amicably.

This may also apply in cases of corporations and companies, however, said authorities may be less effective to take measures and actions to force the other party to fulfill the obligations in the contract or make the due payments.

EuroMEA Legal Services is proud to have a highly efficient team of commercial litigation lawyers that provides various legal litigation services regarding Commercial Disputes among companies and individuals, whether it is through submitting complaints to the competent authorities or by contesting litigation before courts. Our policy in Commercial Litigation Disputes is to settle the disputes at the lowest cost and as soon as possible by way of resorting to competent authorities and submitting the necessary complaint before turning to courts.


Commercial claims may differ, as they include but are not limited to:

  •  Financial claims for products and services it is always possible to carry out a precautionary attachment of delivered products to force the other party to fulfill their obligations.
  • Delivery claims, in which the client requests delivery of products or services for which he/she has paid without the fulfillment of the obligations by the other party. In such cases, a back-up request is often filed for contract termination, refund, and compensation.
  • Compensation claims for breaches and damages, and it is noteworthy that their mechanisms are detailed in compensation claims.
  • Commission claims for the provision of mediation services, as courts investigate if the deals were completed or not, as courts enjoy full powers to audit the accounts and records of companies and government bodies if the contracting was proved by evidence and other claims.

At EuroMEA Legal Services commercial litigation lawyers always make sure to send legal warning to the other party, unless there is an intention on the part of our client to execute a precautionary attachment on the other party’s funds and assets without notifying the other party that our client has already hired a lawyer to take a judicial action.

Our commercial litigation lawyers attempt, on behalf of our client, to reach a settlement, installment of the amounts by cheques or bank bonds with a guarantee from partners or managers. Moreover, our law firm provides discounted rate if there is a difficultly for the debtor to repay the full debt. This is aimed to ensure the possibility of repayment before the final judgment is enforced. Sometimes, our law firm lawyers advise the client not to grant a discount on receivables if the other party has assets and projects that indicate the stability of their business.

Litigation lawyers at EuroMEA Legal Services strives in commercial litigation disputes and ensures to procure the client’s rights amicably, and if this was not the case, the other party shall face a strong opponent of lawyers who are fully capable of demanding the rights of our clients that others refrain from repaying them back. Therefore, if you are facing any Commercial Dispute feel free to contact us.