The drafting of contracts and agreements is a very important task and when it comes to the drafting of exclusive franchise agreements then one should be more diligent. Our franchise lawyers draft franchise agreements in such a manner that it provides future protection to our clients.

What is an Exclusive Franchise Agreement?  

The role of these agreements is to assign Intellectual Property Rights registered in the name of the Franchisor (Brand) to any third party known as the Franchisee Holder in lieu of Royalty. These agreements provide rights to the other party to operate, sell, and distribute goods and services in the name of registered Brands.

What is the need for the drafting of Franchise Agreements?

As we all know agreements and contracts are executed to assign the rights and obligations of one party to another. The need for drafting a good franchise agreement is that all the rights relating to the operation and use of Trade Name not limited to Trademarks and Patents shall be done within prescribed limits and the other party which is also known as the Franchisee holder shall not misuse the rights granted to him.

Whether payment terms are included in an Exclusive Franchise Agreement?

Our Franchise Lawyers in this regard state as follows:

The payment terms or Payment plan is one of the integral parts of the Exclusive Franchise Agreement as it describes the mode and manner of payment which has to be made by the Franchisee holder. In most cases it depends upon the contracting parties to decide the manner of payments but for generally such payments are based either on a one-time basis or annually.

What is the main purpose of Franchise Agreements?

Our Franchise Lawyers state that the main purpose of executing an Exclusive Franchise Agreement is to protect the Intellectual Property Rights of the Franchisor (Brand) so that no such violation can be committed by the Franchise Holder.

What can be the consequence of ill drafted Exclusive Franchise Agreement?

Drafting plays an important role when it comes to the protection of the rights of any party as a well-drafted Exclusive Franchise Agreement will cover all the possibilities of risk and duties which can protect the rights of the Franchisor(Brand). Therefore, there is no hurdle in saying that an Ill drafted franchise agreement may cause permanent loss to the Intellectual Rights of the Franchisor and may lead to litigations.


EuroMea Legal Services consists of a team of highly qualified Franchise Lawyers who are capable enough to protect the rights of the Franchisor and Franchisee Holder in an effective manner. The skills of our lawyers in drafting and reviewing Franchise Agreements provides future protections to our client without leaving any loophole or lacunas.