Did you receive a loan or a financing from a bank and you would like to renegotiate the terms with the bank concerning financing terms, interest rates or other related matters? Would you like to review and audit any financing agreements?

Business advisors at Nour Attorneys Law Firm, along with the team of highly qualified  lawyers and legal consultants, review financing agreements and help you to negotiate directly or indirectly with the bank by instructing business advisors to attend negotiation meetings to ensure obtaining the bank’s approval on the negotiation terms and avoiding the engagement of your lawyer in such procedures before the bank.

In case if any disputes arise between you and the bank regarding financing and refinancing,   our law firm is professionally capable of representing you in the negotiations with the bank and working with the aim of reaching terms of an amicable settlement between you and the bank before resorting to litigation.

Moreover, Nour Attorneys Law Firm  has an extensive experience when it comes to representing clients before judicial expert committees appointed by courts, negotiating with experts concerned with banks and banking transactions, providing defense on behalf of our clients, and responding to reports submitted by opponents in the lawsuit or those which are issued by the appointed judicial expert committees, as well as submitting technical reports issued by accountants who are specialized in banking transactions.