What is the meaning of Consent Letter?

Consent letter means a formal letter which is written in order to obtain permission from a person or a group of persons. The intention behind writing of consent letter is to take permission from the respondent party so that appropriate action can be taken and the purpose of consent can be secured.

What are the uses of Consent Letter?

The consent letter is used by various segments. It is important in today’s era to obtain consent first before doing anything. Therefore, from the business point of view consent letter is important for certain tasks, as permission is required before initiating any action. Generally, consent letter are being used in day to day life likewise consent letter is required from parents in school, consent before performing any medical operation as well as it is also required in terms of internship or before conducting any research.

What are the benefits of Consent Letter?

Supposingly, you had performed any act on the basis of consent letter and the said act transforms into some untoward incident or dispute. Therefore, in such situations the consent letter will work as a saviour for your act, provided that the act performed by you must be under the ambit of the consent given. Moreover, there are various benefits of the consent letter as it acts like prior acknowledgement of risk. Hence, to avoid yourself from any disputes or incidents which are not intentional in nature the need of consent letter is of utmost importance.

How to draft Consent Letter?

Drafting of Consent Letter is an important art as it requires high legal acumen and good understanding of foreseeability. If the consent letter is well drafted and leaves no loop holes or lacuna then it gives you a benefit in case of disputes. Most importantly on the other hand it is also a matter of concern that consent letter must bear or posses relevant and adequate information regarding the task which has to be done otherwise it may also lead to situation like breach of trust by way of misrepresentation.

EuroMEA Legal Services has highly qualified team of lawyers and legal consultants which have extensive experience in drafting Consent Letters. Our law firm team with the help of legal experts works in a highly proficient manner in order to draft the Consent Letters and secure the interest of our clients. Here are some of the key points required in drafting up of Consent Letter.


  • Heading of the Letter must bear ‘Consent Letter’.
  • Correct and Complete Details of the person to whom the letter is addressed.
  • Exact details of the tasks for which consent is to obtain must be defined.
  • Time duration and other related details of the task must be specified.
  • Clause regarding prior acknowledgement of risk must also be there.
  • Date, day and signatures column.

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