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Franchise Agreements



The drafting of contracts and agreements is a very important task and when it comes to the drafting of exclusive franchise agreements then one should be more diligent. Our franchise lawyers draft franchise agreements in such a manner that it provides future protection to our clients.

What is an Exclusive Franchise Agreement?  

The role of these agreements is to assign Intellectual Property Rights registered in the name of the Franchisor (Brand) to any third party known as the Franchisee Holder in lieu of Royalty. These agreements provide rights to the other party to operate, sell, and distribute goods and services in the name of registered Brands.

What is the need for the drafting of Franchise Agreements?

As we all know agreements and contracts are executed to assign the rights and obligations of one party to another. The need for drafting a good franchise agreement is that all the rights relating to the operation and use of Trade Name not limited to Trademarks and Patents shall be done within prescribed limits and the other party which is also known as the Franchisee holder shall not misuse the rights granted to him.

Whether payment terms are included in an Exclusive Franchise Agreement?

Our Franchise Lawyers in this regard state as follows:

The payment terms or Payment plan is one of the integral parts of the Exclusive Franchise Agreement as it describes the mode and manner of payment which has to be made by the Franchisee holder. In most cases it depends upon the contracting parties to decide the manner of payments but for generally such payments are based either on a one-time basis or annually.

Real Estate Disputes

What to do in a situation wherein you are facing real estate dispute with the Developer?

In the past, real estate property disputes in the UAE were extremely common, especially after the global financial crisis the impact of the same remain till the end of 2012. Due to the side of effects of financial crisis the real estate property disputes emerged as Tsunami.

Thereafter, in order to regulate the arbitrary act of developers and to secure the interest of buyers many reforms in the real estate development systems were introduced by the legislature, such as project batches, the existence of developer funds in the possession of the Land Department and its periodic reports on the completion ratios of buildings, but unfortunately despite such reforms there are numerous real estate property disputes which still exists.

Such disputes may be the result of either the circumvention of developers regarding such systems, misuse of funds, or the inability to implement projects and finalize them. In rare cases, there may be compelling circumstances as reason in such disputes.

EuroMEA Legal Services provides best property lawyers in Dubai, which works in a highly professional manner to represent the clients and developers in real estate property disputes. Our law firm team consist of highly experienced property lawyers which deals in cases such as completion delays, failure to provide services, the existence of a difference in areas, applying different specification than those agreed upon for finishes and raw materials, and other issues that usually arise in buying-selling, rental, or lease contracts.

Eventually, our law firm offers valuable advice and consultation for anyone who is about to sign real estate property agreements to protect them from the depletion of their funds in real estate as well as to help them avoid paying for the costly litigation fees. It is noteworthy that judicial proceedings before courts and compensation claims are known to all investors and the one always takes lead for positive results, whose has the best property lawyers.

Medical Malpractice Disputes


What are Medical Malpractice Disputes and how do they arise?

Medical Malpractice Disputes generally arise when any medical negligence is committed by any doctor, staff, nurse, hospital, or medical centers during treatment to the patient. Due to which an injury or loss incurred to the patient is outcome of medical negligence committed by the persons named above.

Whereas many disputes arise due to medical malpractice committed by doctors, hospitals, or nursing staff, by performing wrong and inappropriate kind of surgery or by giving wrong medical advice which ultimately leads to irreparable loss and persistent pain to the patient/sufferer or to his family members. It is noteworthy that the consequences of such malpractice may not be cured later.

The doctors, medical staff and hospitals are trusted worldwide as they perform a significant duty of trust by rendering their medical services. Thus, doing negligent acts causes irreparable loss to the person/patient who trusted the said medical practitioner/staff leads patients or their family members to file complaints before the competent authorities in order to indicate the gross medical negligence committed by the concerned doctor and to seek civil claims against the doctor, hospital, or medical center. Moreover, if in any case, any part of the patient body is affected or damaged by said malpractices, families or patient seek separate financial compensation for that damaged part.

EuroMEA Legal Services has a team of best medical negligence lawyers which utilizes their extensive experience to represent several doctors, hospitals and patients in many complaints and litigations related to medical malpractice as well as in civil claims or financial compensation. Moreover, in medical malpractice dispute litigation several problematic issues arise which require a piece of proper advice and a good experienced medical malpractice lawyer. Thus, who can understand the nature of medical malpractice and can be able to convince the competent authorities that has the right to convict   doctor and to ensure easy access to compensation in the later stages of litigation.

Therefore, it is highly important to hire a good experienced medical malpractice lawyer to convict the doctor professionally before the criminal conviction and resort to a civil action for compensation.

Criminal Cases Litigation


What to do if you are arrayed as an accused in a Criminal Case?

Surprisingly, if you may find yourself accused in a criminal case before the courts. In this case, you can hire our Best Criminal lawyers in Dubai to represent you and defend you at all stages of the proceedings, Our Criminal Defense Lawyer advise you on the expected outcome, prepare a defense and represent it before the court, if necessary.

Categories of Criminal Cases

Our Criminal Defense lawyer states that there are two types of criminal cases; the first is financial criminal cases that are related to crimes of embezzlement of funds, breach of trust, the wasteful or improper expenditure of partners and depositors’ fundand other financial crimes. Details and mechanisms related to such crimes are mentioned in financial crimes. The other type is criminal offenses such as, violations, misdemeanors, and felonies, which varies and differ depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case.

Procedure for the initiation of Trial before Criminal Courts

Our Best Criminal lawyer in Dubai explain the procedure of initiation of criminal cases as follows:

The Public Prosecution may initiate criminal proceedings against the client, either based on a complaint by another party or the arrest of the client by the police in the event of the commission of the offence specified in the Penal Code. Thereafter, the proceedings begin as the police conduct research, investigation, and gather the statements of the parties, which includes the complainant, the accused, or the witnesses. Then, the police submit all documents to the Public Prosecution, which initiates further investigation procedures to complete the police investigation or request to the police for reinvestigating the case.  When the Public Prosecution has completed the investigation of the statements of the parties and the documents of the case, it shall either dismiss the complaint due to the lack of criminal element or refer the case to concerned criminal court for its final adjudication.


What are the reasons for Insurance Disputes?

Numerous insurance disputes arise in day-to-day life. Hence, everyone is concerned with insurance matters one way or another for example, nowadays, people have health insurance and car insurance, therefore, in case you met with an accident, you will need insurance to cover your compensation claims, whether it was the insurance of the car owner who caused the accident, a contractor whose negligence resulted in damage to your car, or a shopping mall where your car was hit, or a doctor who caused you serious consequences.

Therefore, all the above said parties may have insurance covered by an insurance company. Thus, such accidents lead to disputes with insurance companies, since almost all insurance companies try to avoid the liability since they are legally obliged to cover the compensation expenses first and then collect the insurance value from the insured party in case if it is proved that his/her mistake is not covered by the applicable insurance in such situation insurance disputes arises.

Based on extensive experience of our law firm litigation lawyers in representing clients in insurance disputes EuroMEA Legal Servicesis fully capable of representing you in insurance disputes with the insurer party to claim your compensation. Moreover, our law firm assist our insured clients, as insurance companies are usually obliged to pay for the compensation claims that are covered by insurance and not to evade payment. However, the insurance company may have the right not to pay for such claims in cases which are not covered by the applicable insurance.

Insurance disputes become clear when they are concerned with the extent of liability of the insured party in causing damage when it comes to compensation claims. However, when you are facing an insurance company in such disputes, you may find that the insured party is not fully represented in the lawsuit, and he/she may not even attend court sessions, since insurance companies become highly keen on defending the insured party. Why insurance companies do so? Because when the said party’s extent of liability is proved to be low or even if such party is fully relieved from liability, the insurance company’s obligations to pay for the compensation claims are relieved as well.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism

In case if you have a dispute with an insurance company, you do not always have to resort to litigation, since it is costly financially. First, you should always submit complaints regarding the dispute subject at the Federal Insurance Authority. The Federal Insurance Authority has an executive regulation of the insurance law that includes several fines to be imposed if the insurance company refrains from implementing the Federal Insurance Authority’s decision aimed at the amicable settlement of the dispute and you can always resort to the judiciary in case if you wish to do so.

Since EuroMEA Legal Servicesis always keen on reducing costs for our clients and for us not to be involved in litigation cases that would compete with other litigation cases that we already represent our existing clients in, we seek to resolve disputes amicably, whenever this is possible by obtaining a decision against the insurance company through the Federal Insurance Authority to force the said company to settle the dispute amicably. In such cases, the insurance company usually becomes willing to cooperate since it is threatened by fines that may be imposed on it by the Federal Insurance Authority. Such fines are usually multiplied when the insurance company fails to implement the decision by the specified deadline.

In cases where legal intervention is required by EuroMEA Legal Services, our law firm lawyers utilize their extensive experience in judicial disputes against insurance companies to ensure taking all the necessary measures in order for clients to recover their full rights.

Rental Disputes


What to do in if you get into Rental Disputes?

Rental Disputes are very common since most individuals and companies rent residential units from others. Such disputes include installment cheques and obligations of the landlord and the lessee. These disputes usually arise in large units and villas; as the lessee may require repairing parts with whom the owner disagreed about the responsibility of repairing them, the companies renting the units for office or storage purposes.

Rental disputes may also include any disputes that may arise regarding the value of rent and payment, failure to provide licensing requirements or the change the license conditions after renting the property for the purpose allocated to it, as well as administrative regulations related to the transfer of certain industry activities outside specific frameworks or locations.

Do not worry if you stuck in situations as enumerated above because lawyers and litigation experts of EuroMEA Legal Services, works in a highly competent manner to represent our clients in all rental disputes and to help them handle the consequences arising from such disputes.