Mergers and Acquisition is a significant branch of company law dealing with the situations wherein companies are purchasing or merging other companies.  Therefore, during this process role of a business acquisition lawyer is important in providing advice to both buyer and seller.

What is the role of Business Acquisition Lawyer?

During mergers and acquisition both the buying and selling side has their own lawyers specialised in business acquisition skills. The role of business acquisition lawyer during mergers and acquisition is not only limited to drafting or reviewing documents related to sale and purchase of business but also includes negotiation in the conditions of contracts and also to ensure that business which is going to be acquired should be free from all encumbrances and liabilities before the completion date of acquisition proceedings. Moreover, business acquisition lawyers also ascertain from the relevant ministry or department that acquiring business must bear all licenses and permissions as well as no such fine or default must be pending upon the said business.

What skills does the Business Acquisition Lawyer must possess?

It is noteworthy to mention here that Business Acquisition Lawyer must possess the following skills in order to obtain best results in their favour:

  • Strategic Analysis and Thinking

The strategic analysis and thinking is a must requirement for a Lawyer that is used in changes and expansion of a business.

  • Negotiation

The art of negotiation is the only thing which can resolve the most complicated situations in most effective and accurate manner. Therefore, the advice of the lawyer should also act as a passive voice behind the decisions of the company.

  • Delegation of Tasks

A Lawyer must be trained enough to ascertain the right person for doing a particular task as performing all the task alone by the lawyer himself would not be possible.

  • Multi-Tasking

A lawyer must also possess the skills of multi-tasking so that numerous other tasks can be resolved pending to in the transaction of Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Drafting Skills

Drafting Skills during the Business Acquisitions proceedings are very important as the terms and conditions mentioned in the draft decides the future of the contracting parties.

  • Detail Investigation

A Business Acquisition Lawyer must do detail research and investigation about each, and every document related to the company. Moreover, he must also ensure that no lawsuits or other liabilities in terms of tax and fine must be pending against the company involved in acquisition proceedings.   

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