Delay in Construction or payments leads to many disputes in UAE. Therefore, it is very important to have a good Construction Contract Lawyer in case of Construction Disputes as assistance and advise of good Construction Contract Lawyer is of utmost importance. Therefore, if you want to avoid Construction Disputes then it is important your Contract must be as per terms and conditions which can support your interest. Suppose you are a Contractor then the terms of Construction Contract must be in your favor in relation to payment modes, project delay reasons and circumstances (force majeure) clause, task and responsibility must be clearly defined and many other reasons which can support your favor in case if dispute arises.

What are the key elements of a Construction Contract Lawyer?

Construction Contract Lawyer has a key role to play in Construction Contracts as any ambiguity in the terms of Construction Contract may lead to rise in dispute between the contracting parties. Therefore, the key elements which Construction Contract Lawyer must possess are mentioned herein below:

  • Must possess good Drafting Skills
  • Must possess extensive knowledge about the Law
  • Must possess contract reviewing skills
  • Must possess dispute resolution skills
  • Must possess time management skills
  • Must possess with problem solving strategies

Nour Attorneys Law Firm tends to provide you best Construction Contract Lawyer which possess extensive experience in drafting and reviewing construction contracts as well as providing legal advice in relation to any construction disputes. Therefore, our law firm is always ready deliver the results as per the expectation of our clients. Thus, in order to avail the befits of the services provided by our Construction Contract lawyer feel free to contact us.