The role of contract and agreements plays an essential role in day-to-day transactions as it enables both parties to perform specific acts in a particular manner. Therefore, a Contract Lawyer needs to give minute attention while drafting and reviewing contracts to safeguard the interest of clients. Thus, the sign of a good Contract Lawyer is that he must possess excellent drafting skills and quality of reasonable foreseeability so that the future consequences of the conditions mentioned in the contract can be avoided.

What is the role of a Breach of Contract Lawyer?

The future of the contracting parties depends upon the drafting of certain contract or agreements. Therefore, a contract lawyer must be careful while drafting contracts and arrangements so that no such ambiguity or dispute arises between the contracting parties due to the conditions mentioned therein. Moreover, contract lawyers’ role is not limited to drafting or reviewing contracts and agreements. They also must examine all the content of a disputing contract and use them in favor of clients to safeguard their interests during litigation proceedings.         

How to find a good Contract Lawyer near me?

Provides you best Contract lawyers who have expertise in drafting and reviewing of contracts and agreements, including but not limited to sale and purchase of assets agreements, joint venture agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, commercial contracts and agreements, intellectual property rights agreements, franchise agreements, data protection and privacy agreements, real estate agreements, construction agreements and many more. Our law firm consists of a highly qualified and experienced Contract Lawyer who possesses the right to an audience before the UAE Courts and other avenues ranging from arbitration to litigation. Our law firm assures you of providing the best results most effectively and efficiently. Thus, to avail, of the benefits of our services kindly contact us to our office situated in Dubai.

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What is the Breach of contract, and how does the Contract dispute arises ?

Our Breach of contract lawyers states that following the contract law, the Breach of the contract disputes arises when the party fails to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned under the contractual agreement. Generally, the business contract is executed between the parties involved and is legally binding so that contracting parties may fulfill their duties. Still, there are instances when one or more party fails to fulfill their obligations as stipulated under the contract.

How to deal with contract disputes ?

Our Breach of contract lawyers are the experts in dealing with contract claims and damages by proving that the other party has committed the fundamental Breach. If you want to deal with contract disputes, then you must opt for the best contract solicitors who are experts to deal with the contractual disputes.

What can be done in the cases of Common Breach of contract claims?

Before opting for the court litigation option, you can also send the notice to the other party so that such minor Breach can be ratified. Moreover, it is essential to mention under the contracts that in case of a Breach committed by any contracting parties, then such party may cover such Breach by way of paying liquidated damages.

How much experience does our contract solicitors possess in contesting the Contract dispute?

Contract Solicitors at Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants are highly experienced and possess vast knowledge of the law relating to contract disputes. Winning the contract claim is a challenging task in commercial contract cases. Our law firm specializes in contract claims and damages and is always there to adhere to your side in contractual disputes.

Are you seeking an early resolution of the contractual disputes?

If yes, then our Breach of contract lawyers are ready to remove from the lengthy and expensive court litigation process. The Breach of contract disputes arising from the written contract can be settled outside the courts without participating in any court proceedings. Commercial litigation is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure. Thus our Breach of contract solicitors is well-experienced and aware of all the pre-litigation dispute resolution methods so that the interest of the clients can be protected.

What Did the Contract Require from Each Party?

The terms of the contract should be strengthened enough that it shall obligate any contracting parties to fulfill their contract obligations terms of the contract. The contract is a binding agreement between the parties, and in a case when one party fails to perform its obligations, the non-breaching party may file a breach of contract lawsuit and can claim Breach of contract claims.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Breach of Contract Lawyers?

The non-breaching party by hiring a breach of contract lawyer can avail numerous of benefits which are as follows:

  1. More chances of success in Breach of contract lawsuit.
  2. Increase in the possibility of winning Breach of contract lawsuits.
  3. Adequate and best advice by Breach of contract attorney.
  4. Identification of the material Breach of contract committed by failure to perform.
  5. Appropriate Breach of contract action.

What are the results in the Breach of Contract and Business Torts Lawsuits?

Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants tend to provide one of the best favorable results in Breach of contract cases, as our highly qualified team of contract lawyers is well-qualified and experienced enough to deal with such matters. Moreover, our lawyers are well imbibing with the contract and commercial laws prevailing in the United Arab Emirates, including but not limited to ADGM and DIFC jurisdiction.

Whether Violation of a Non-Compete Agreement can be termed for Breach of contract?

Yes, the breaching party to such an agreement may recourse to their remedies available under the contract law, and sue the breaching party may be easily sued by the non-breaching party. Though if the nonbreaching party proves such a Breach of non-compete, it is considered a material breach of the contract.

Breach of contract litigation?

A breach of contract can be turned into litigation, and the non-breaching party can claim damages from the breaching party to claim the amount of money involved in the contract and the compensation arising from that place. Therefore, to file a breach of contract, you must require the assistance of our best Breach of contract lawyers to claim your damages.

Want to know more about how commercial litigation works?

If you want to know more about commercial litigation, you can access Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants, as we are your legal partner in commercial and business affairs.