Usually, a need arises for companies to conduct financial and legal audits. Such audits do not necessarily apply to transactions carried out by the company, but to the accounting and financial mechanisms. Such audits on accounting and financial mechanisms are conducted to ensure avoiding any financial misappropriation in the future and to minimize the risk of crediting clients in an amount that does not commensurate with the size of the client dealing with the company. Moreover, legal audits aim at verifying the company’s contracts and policies in business transactions are in accordance with the law. Said audits ensure the maximum legal protection for the company concerning various business transactions. You can conduct legal and financial audits – whether separate or combined – to achieve the optimal, desired result for your business.

Nour Attorneys Law Firm consists team of business advisors and legal consultants which facilitate conducting the above audits on accounting, crediting, contracting systems and mechanisms followed by your company in its business transactions.

The financial and legal audits, conducted by our team at Nour Attorneys Law Firm, raise the accounting and legal awareness of the company’s directors, managers, and employees, enhance their capabilities, and respond to their inquiries or concerns to ensure the achieving the optimal work methodology for the company’s business.

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