EuroMEA Legal Services provides declaration of heirs drafting services to its clients. Our high qualified team of legal consultants and drafting experts possesses best qualities in Drafting Declarations of Heirs. The use of declarations is used after the death of main person occurs and if declaration is not properly drafted then it may bring you a new issue or problem. Therefore, it is very important that declaration of heir must be drafted in a proper manner so that no loopholes must be left out.

Declaration of heir is a legally recognized document which determines the right of inheritance upon individual asset of a deceased. Moreover, after the death of any individual a declaration of heirship is required by the authorities to transfer the movable and immovable property in the name if the existing heir or heirs. Moreover, in most cases there is no heirship certificate exist than recognized legal counsel is required to draft the same as to validate the claim of the heir on the assets of the deceased individual.

In UAE as non-Muslims are not covered under the scope of Sharia Law and need declaration of heir certificates for obtaining benefits of insurance (if any) and in transferring assets of the deceased individual.

EuroMEA Legal Services has a qualified team of lawyers and legal consultants which are well experienced in drafting declaration of heir’s certificate. Thus, in order to avail the services provided by our law firm kindly contact us.