What is the meaning of Affidavit?

An affidavit is a declaration made before court or competent adjudicating authority by a person known as deponent. The deponent undertakes oath while filing an affidavit and the said declaration is true and free from any coercion. Therefore, signing of an affidavit in the UAE means that deponent is claiming all the facts and documents to be true and from best of his knowledge. A signatory to an affidavit may be call before the competent court or judge to testify his or her claim.

What is the importance of an Affidavit?  

Affidavit is a substantial piece of evidence in court as the maker of an affidavit declares that all fact and circumstances stated with the affidavit are true and relying upon the same the court or competent authority considers it to be true and correct.

What are the consequences of making false claim in affidavit?

A person signatory to an affidavit should never think to falsify any claim or deposing dishonestly, because if any fact or document accompanying affidavit found to be false or incorrect then in such situation the consequences of the same are very deter. Therefore, if a person signatory to an affidavit found to be guilty of deposing falsely any claim or fact before the court such act is said to be committed perjury. The punishment of perjury imposes hefty fines upon the violator and in some cases, there are provisions regarding penal punishment.


What is the use of an Affidavit?

It is not true that use of affidavit is only limited to litigation and courts, but the use of affidavit is required in various departments, situations and in documentation regarding self-declaration. There are certain kinds of affidavit likewise domicile affidavit, marriage affidavit, affidavit given for the loss of passport, affidavit submitted in litigations and in court procedures and many more things. Hence, filing of an affidavit depends upon the need of any procedure, there are many situations which does not require any affidavits but there are some procedures which mandates affidavit.

How to draft an Affidavit?

The content of an affidavit plays a vital role in drafting as it is considered as a declaration and owes responsibility upon the person signatory to it.

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