Why is there need for Corporate Restructuring?

Corporate Restructuring are a variety of legal services that our law firm offers to big corporations having numerous shareholders, irrespective of the fact that whether these corporations are private or public, and which need a lawyer to provide guidance and advice to ensure the validity of legal practices applied in the company in different aspects and departments to limit the legal risks that the company may be exposed to.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to provide the employees with legal explanations on specific issued related to the daily transactions. Moreover, our corporate services include Corporate Restructuring services any restructuring services  e daily transactions  sed to. through a process of forming a number of offshore companies, each of which includes a number of shareholders in a manner that ensures the distribution of shares and profits with the least complex company structure.

Why to choose our Corporate Restructuring?

Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants team of highly qualified lawyers and legal consultants tends to provide Corporate Restructuring, including but not limited to attending the general assembly meetings to draft the minutes of meetings to ensure their compliance with the law requirements.

Moreover, our law firm also provides immediate advice and guidance during meetings without prejudice, as well as authenticating the minutes of said meetings after being signed by the concerned parties, if such procedure was necessary.

 What does Company Restructuring include?  

Corporate Restructuring also include drafting written policies for the various departments of the company, defining mechanisms to be followed regarding business practices, reviewing, and redrafting all standardized internal forms such as job offers, quotations or their approvals, and contract to ensure the reduction of legal risks that the company may be exposed to prior to any judicial or non-judicial dispute.

Our law firm ensure to provide true and exact economic value of a company or business unit by determining various factors included for considering real value of a company as sales value, goodwill, book value, market cap and other factors.

In a nutshell, Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants is a Corporate law firm in Dubai and contains highly qualified team of Business Lawyer in Dubai which skillfully provides assistance to our clients by reducing the probabilities of exposure to legal risks, by drafting effective policies, training the employees, and ensuring the validity of the company’s decisions and the powers of those who are authorized to make them.

What methods are used during Corporate Restructuring?

The companies conducting activities which involves high risk such as Crypto Trading, Block Chain, Broadcasting and or any of the activities which are not easily permitted by the law of the land then in such scenarios methods of restructuring are being used. These methods are not defined or prescribed specifically anywhere. However, the said technique of restructuring is used keeping in mind the need of the client and the business activities which he/she wants to perform in the UAE.

Our Commercial lawyers at Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants are well trained and qualified enough to deal with all the situations in relation to the formation of company. Our lawyers are specialized in corporate law and advising clients accordingly.

During valuation methods Comparable Company Analysis is being conducted?

While performing valuation methods and to ascertain the value of the company such compare company analysis methods are being conducted so that real valuation and based upon the market price can be carved out.

What factors can be considered while conducting valuation of the Company?

Our Business Lawyer in Dubai states that while conducting the valuation of the company. The records books and accounts of the companies shall be deeply analyzed and it is important to see the cash flow of a company as well assets, capital, earnings . The bank and financial accounts as well as loans and other litigations cases which are pending shall be kept aside by preparing a separate list. Moreover, it is also important to evaluate the cost of a company so that other factors such as expenses, including major and miscellaneous are to kept aside from the initial stage.

What roles does Valuation plays?

The role of the valuation is of much importance if you are involved into any kind of business, as it gives you a reality check about the business. The importance of valuation informs you about the risks involved in the business and also about the future business decisions to be taken in a wise manner. Moreover, the valuation methods are also important for the parties who wants to acquire any company and wants to know about the real value of a company.

What is the value of cash flow in considering the financial valuation?

The value of the cash flow is considered to be one of the deciding factor while conducting the valuation as it become one of the deciding factor in determining the real value in a corporate sector. The cash flow shows the business value in corporate field.

Our Services

Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants tend to provide you with one of the best Corporate Lawyers in Dubai as well as Company Formation Lawyers which are always ready to assist and advice you in the field of valuation methods and prove to be one of the best legal advisors for you and your organization.

Our law firm Commercial Lawyers in Dubai provides all services in relation to the corporate and commercial which ranges from company formation in mainland to offshore company formation in Dubai. Our law firm team is very experienced and is always ready to assists our clients in the best possible manner. Thus, consider us your Legal Partner for Commercial and Business Affairs.