In today’s era, Trademark is known as the status and recognition symbol of any business or brand. The role of a trademark is not limited to its design, but it also becomes the recognition for any business. The use of a Trademark for the business is very important as it gives recognition to a particular business.

What is Trademark License Agreement?

It is an agreement through which all the rights regarding using of a Trademark are assigned to some other party or Licensee to manufacture or distributes good and services under the name of the registered Trademark. In other words, the owner of the registered Trademark who is also known as the Licensor (for the purpose of this agreement only) authorizes some other person known as Licensee to use its trademark in exchange for some royalty or fees. It is noteworthy to mention here that Licensor only authorizes Licensee to make use of its trademark not to register in its own name.

Whether Trademark License Agreement can be used as proof of authorization of a Registered Trademark?

The answer to this question is No, as the Trademark License Agreement is only used to take the License of the registered Trademark from its owner, and in no set of circumstances, the Licensee can make a claim upon the registered Trademark with the aid of this agreement.

What role does drafting play?

The role of legal drafting is major while formulating a Trademark License Agreement as a lawyer expert with drafting skills in such agreements can only analyze the risk involved while assigning or acquiring the license for the Trademark. Some of the major concerns while drafting Trademark License Agreement should be kept in mind which will be dealt with by our franchise lawyer in detail in a separate article. But the important role of drafting cannot be ruled out while drafting such agreements and contracts.

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