The United Arab Emirates is known as a welcoming country for all nationalities irrespective of religion, caste, color, sex, or place of birth. In recent past years, United Arab Emirates has emerged as a job generator for the whole world and has provided various opportunities for talent coming from all around the globe. Thus, the legislature of the United Arab Emirates also brought a drastic change in the field of Employment by introducing new Labour Law through which various benefits and security have been provided to the Employee and Employer.

Why is there a need for Employment Contracts?

Our Employment Lawyers in Dubai state that:

There is mandatory regulation in the UAE to execute Employment Contract and to register it before the concerned authority. Moreover, an Employer is not allowed to hire Employees in UAE without obtaining a permit from the concerned Ministry. In conclusion, it is mandatory to execute an Employment Contract between the Employer and Employee before entering into the actual relationship between Employer and Employee.

How does Legal Document Drafting Service for Employment Contract is beneficial for you?

Our Employment Lawyers in Dubai state that:

Legal Documents Drafting Services for Employment Contracts play an important role in regulating the relationship between Employer and Employee. That as per the latest UAE Labour Law, it has become mandatory for the Employer to execute Employment Contract with his Employee including all the latest provisions as mentioned in the latest Labour Law. Therefore, it will be beneficial for the Employer to contact good Employment Lawyers in Dubai so that he can get the best and updated Employment Contract. Thus, the employment contract shall be drafted be in a best manner so that no such loophole or lacuna shall not be left behind at the later stage.

What is the importance of Legal Contract Review in terms of Employment Contract?

Our Employment Lawyers in Dubai provides one of the best Legal Contract Review Services which will benefit both Employer and Employee before entering the relationship of Employment. The importance of Legal Contract Review in terms of Employment Contracts in not only limited to advising client about the changes in Employment Contract but also to advise client about its future Legal consequences. We always advise in general that precaution is better than cure and by opting these services which are provided by us one can save him/herself from the dark clouds of future litigation.


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