What are Financial Crimes?

Financial criminal cases often arise because of a complaint filed by a party against a person or a company for the seizure of his/her funds. This seizure, in these cases, takes place outside the framework of normal commercial or civil dealings, either by breach of trust or through the seizure of a deposited amount or by causing the waste or damage to movables that were given in a form of monetary trust.

For better understanding situation wherein, illegal usage is alleged to have been made is specified

In cases of usage, if the waste was done in bad faith such as selling movables to others, companies require for proving such claims the assignment of experts to review such claims and to verify the receipt of funds and their delivery and the transaction mechanisms within the companies to state the truth of the accusation. Such cases may be fraudulent by themselves, as they are intended to fabricate facts with the aim to seize the funds of the complainant in the criminal case.

Therefore, Nour Attorneys Law Firm, is always ready to represent clients in financial disputes. Thanks to our team of professional auditors, we provide advisory reports and respond to all reports prepared by the court experts. Moreover, we have extensive experience in defense in financial criminal cases, through the provision of legal defense and theoretical explanation, including providing infographics (data illustrations for financial operations).

The picture below shows an illustration that was submitted in financial criminal cases. The client was acquitted, and the expert’s report detailed what happened in the embezzlement operation, where the employee received a compensation of two millions in order to refrain from accusing the company’s board members of collusion, providing false information in bad faith in the investigation and filing a false report.

It is noteworthy that the confidential information of both the plaintiff and the defendant were deleted.

This illustration was created by our lawyers at Nour Attorneys Law Firmon the paint program was the reason for winning the case and compensating the client before the end of the case, as a settlement agreement was signed to ensure that he would not sue the company in the future. We do not spare any effort that would enable us to get the rights of our clients and defend them fiercely to bring them justice.

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