Do you have a dispute with another party whether it is a supplier, an employee, an employer, a client, a bank, a real estate developer, or even business partner?


Do you wish if you can avoid litigation fees, lawsuit fees, lawyer fees, translation fees, and notice fees of such procedure? 

Then, you can make use of our negotiation services which aim at reaching an amicable settlement. Our negotiation services include representing you during negotiations through attending meetings, preparing correspondence, estimating the value of damage and gains, and presenting it to the opponent, and comparing arguments to reach the optimal solution for the settlement.

Nour Attorneys Law Firm works professionally and faithfully to carry out all the required procedures to send a legal warning about the claim to the opponent such as listing up of supporting documents, law, Supreme Court rulings, court practices, and proving how such due amounts or rights would be guaranteed by courts or arbitral tribunals. Therefore, our law firm suggests a settlement to the opponent or invites them for a meeting to discuss an amicable settlement. Moreover, our efforts are not only limited to this, but our law firm team of lawyers also contacts the opponent’s lawyer personally to create and maintain communication to ensure holding meeting and protecting our client’s best interests.


During the settlement meetings, Nour Attorneys Law Firm consisting team of highly qualified lawyers seeks to present our clients claims, with the help of supporting document and legal provisions inclusive of principles.

Furthermore, we firstly listen to the opponent’s point of view and then respond to it; we use our methodology tool and allow the opponent to defend himself first and then respond to his defense to convince the opponent.

This tool also helps us in terms to validate our position and to ascertain weakness of opponent position as well as enable us to prepare the best defense to secure the interests of our clients.

After the settlement meetings, we present settlement offers according to the meeting and aim at reaching an amicable solution that guarantees the interests of both parties to avoid the excessive costs of litigation and arbitration. It should be noted that representation fees during settlement do not exceed what the client may pay before the Court of First Instance as judicial fees.

However, in case if a settlement setback occurred or the settlement could not be completed for any reason, Nour Attorneys Law Firm team will represent the clients during the litigation procedures while keeping the window open for a settlement if client wishes for settlement. In case of a provisional judgment, we make sure that an expert report or a preliminary judgment is issued in favor of our clients.

During negotiations, Nour Attorneys Law Firm strives to work against the well-known interests of any lawyer by avoiding the dispute’s progress to litigation stage, thus, we have a highly qualified team of lawyers and litigation experts which possess exceptional legal skills and such members for our teams are selected carefully  based on the criteria  of their capabilities and previous experiences to make settlements.  Though, it is critical as these settlements require immediate responses and the ability to deal with unfixed variables during the negotiations, as well as it also requires the ability to assess the strengths of the opponents and to understand their strategies. Thereby, our teams act based on such inputs immediately in order to protect the clients’ interests according to the framework specified by the clients for the settlement attempt.