In case you are a foreigner, non-Muslim resident in the United Arab Emirates and you have assets and real estate that you want to make a will about, which suits your desires without necessarily complying with the requirements of Islamic Sharia in the UAE, our law firm can assist you to do so legally.

Distribution of inheritance, wealth, savings, or fixed assets, as appropriate, among family members, can be considered a difficult matter given that the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, in which all courts apply the Islamic Sharia principles in cases of inheritance in the absence of an attested will. Given the diversity of religions of UAE residents, legal advice must be provided by a person who has full knowledge of the UAE law before proceeding with the will drafting process.

EuroMEA Legal Services drafts legally approved and authenticated foreign and non-Muslim wills and legacies in the UAE that guarantee the distribution of their inheritance in a manner that they perceive as suitable to them without complying with the general requirements of the Islamic Sharia. The next stage would be to certify the will and legacies by the courts and the authorization bodies to ratify them to ensure their applicability to assets and property.

By providing such a service, our law firm perfectly manages to transfer assets and quotas of associations in emirates that do not accept the free will of foreigners. We transfer all assets to certain associations on your behalf in a certain emirate that approves the free will of foreigners.

EuroMEA Legal Services offers foreign residents of theĀ  UAE a legal and safe option for the future of their families, based on solid and comprehensive rules concerning the registration of wills and legacies based on the principles of the law.